Lean Six Sigma by Michael George • project management • quality management

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book cover of lean six sigma by Michael L. George - project management

project management ● strategy ● change

Recommendation 4 / 5

Lean Six Sigma is about project management in a business context. The book goes through the major principles of Six Sigma and Lean methodology. Although I have found the reading a bit shallow here and there, you might treat it as guidance into the world of advanced project management. You also need some basic background in Six Sigma best practice. Apparently, it’s not only about allocating people, assigning goals and milestones.
Anyway, have you ever thought about gathering only the right people together, putting them all in one room and using their skills to mitigate a problem or to improve on one…

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The Spirit of Kaizen by Robert Maurer • continuous improvement • operational excellence

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book cover of The Spirit of Kaizen - continuous improvement

strategy ● change ● project management

Recommendation 5 / 5

The Spirit of Kaizen talks about the continuous improvement process. Generally speaking, it’s about taking many tiny steps over an extended period of time which lead to huge results. It’s more than Six Sigma where some companies may have conducted improvement projects a few months ago and now they might take it easy thinking maybe in three months from now we are going to work on something new. Kaizen is self-discipline and the commitment that everybody has to…