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The Rise of the Robots by Martin Ford • jobs of the future • robotics • automation

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The Rise of the Robots by Martin Ford - jobs of the future

technology ● civilisation ● macroeconomics

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The Rise of the Robots shows what are the jobs of the future and reflects many doubts about the future of the job market. People hope and imagine that the current industrial and technological revolution will eliminate some of the jobs, nevertheless, more positions will be created in order to deal with new possibilities and innovations. So, when we talk about technology we talk about the positives in terms of growth and the ability to enhance productivity…


The End of Power by Moisés Naím • sources of power • leadership

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book cover of The end of power

power ● leadership ● psychology

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The End of Power by Moisés Naím talks about sources of power and explains that there is a mutation of power happening right now. The general narrative is that power is concentrating, that inequality of wealth and inequality of income has become more radical. The wealthy have more and therefore have more power, money and opportunities to buy politicians and distort public policy in ways that reinforce the trends towards inequality. However, Naím argues that power has become easier to get, harder to use and faster to lose…