Team of Teams by Stanley McChrystal • leadership • US army • agile

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Team of Teams by Stanley McChrystal - US army

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Recommendation 4 / 5

Team of Teams by Gen. Stanley McChrystal talks about organisational dynamics and leadership in US army. Stanley McChrystal is a US General who lead Special Task Forces and had to modify his army’s organisation to better fight Al Qaeda militants in Iraq. The book is a personal memoir of transforming Joint Special Operations Command. It describes how to adapt old hierarchical structures to fit the current complex world and create an agile organisation that can rapidly react to outside…

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Measuring What Matters by John Doerr • how to set goals • KPI management • strategic thinking

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Measuring What Matters by John Doerr - how to set goals

leadership ● strategy ● change

Recommendation 5 / 5

Measure What Matters, written by John Doerr, a successful investor and a venture capitalist, provides us with strategic thinking on how to manage change effectively and measure what really matters.
I think, the best recommendation I could put here are words of Larry Page, a co-founder of Google, who once said that he wished he had this book 20 years ago when they founded Google.
The book focuses on OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) a goal system used by Google, Intel, Oracle, LinkedIn, Sears and many…