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Good Boss, Bad Boss by Robert Sutton • organizational psychology • how to be a good manager

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What a great book! If you are a boss who wants to do a great work this book is just for you. It’s really hard to list how many accurate hints about being a good manager it covers. When I was reading the book I had one general impression – I wished I had read the book before I was promoted at the first time. Unfortunately, many examples presented in the book I had to check in real life (and I have failed). Thereby, after the end of the book, my statement would go like this – every, absolutely every prospective boss or a team leader, project manager or any kind of a managerial hub should read this writing before coping with others from a superior position. Current leaders should treat the book as an inspiration or a guideline for their work. So if you are interested in creating a jerk-free, and motivated workplace the book is must-have.

So, the book is a compilation of many stories, interviews and management research collected over the years. It is clear, concise, interesting and easy to read on leadership qualities and organizational psychology. Chapters are so well packaged and organised. It was just a joy to read.

Good Boss, Bad Boss offers not only case studies based on real-life situations, but it also contains many statistics on how some specific behaviours impact on corporate KPIs, such as absenteeism, turnover, lack of involvement and even legal charges when a situation goes serious.

The chapter I enjoyed most was how you, as a boss, are perceived and watched by those that follow you. I still remember a certain situation from my past when I had realised that impact. I don’t want to think how many times before that insight I had screwed up. One thing, I’m not saying that this chapter is the best, the most insightful etc., there are many better ones.

Other chapters cover how to deal with a crisis, take control and responsibility if things go wrong, organizational psychology, how to strive to make a progress, how to cope with stars and rotten apples in a team, how to protect people from pointless tasks or squelch your inner boss (good one!). The book finishes with remarks on how to survive in a workplace full of “bass holes” and how to avoid copying such attitudes (which might be totally subconscious).

Good Boss, Bad Boss: How to Be the Best… and Learn from the Worst
by Robert I. Sutton

Final rating:

Interesting story
Complexity of ideas
Flourish language

Book details:

Size: 320 pages
Published: 2010


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