Thinking in Bets by Annie Duke • decision-making process • cognitive biases

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Book cover of Thinking in Bets by Annie Duke - decision-making process

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Recommendation 3 / 5

Life is not the game of chess. It’s more like the poker due to the fact that there is some dose of uncertainty, fortune. This law is a spine of this book, which addresses the decision-making process.

Thinking in bets, written by Annie Duke starts off, about cognitive biases. She describes our tendency to judge decisions based on how they turn out. In other words, just because something turned out poorly does not necessarily mean that we made a bad decision. Annie provides a few really accurate examples of that…

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When by Daniel H. Pink • time management • decision making

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book cover of When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing - time management

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The book starts with an example from the World War I when Lusitania was hunted down by a German U-boat, killing around 1200 passengers. Then Daniel H. Pink points out that decisions made by the captain of the cruise ship played a huge role in this tragedy, and coincided specifically with the time of the day.

With an abundant introduction of various research methods, involving sentiment analysis and techniques such as DRM, the author describes why a reade…