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The 10x rule is a concept which says that whenever you think to achieve something, do 10 times more than you previously thought. Whatever you think that you need to do, or what you are expected to do to get things done, just do way more. A bit cliché, nevertheless, you can apply this leverage to so many areas of your life and in most situations, it will be your critical factor in the whole process. The concept is not only about doing more but also about changing your perspective. Think about the goal, let’s say you want to change a job in a year or read a book in the coming month, then say to yourself I’m going to do that next quarter or week. Do you feel the weight of challenge on the coming way and the required shift in your mentality?

The book also says, never reduce your target. The solution is to increase your efforts to a 10x level to balance the fact that your goal will take much more to achieve. Grant Cardone, the author of the book, says that there are 4 degrees of action people take to achieve their target.  The first one is “No action”. Many people simply do nothing in the face of opportunity or challenge, but even not taking action still use this effort finding useless excuses and ways to avoid taking action.

The second degree is to “Retrieve”. Many people run away from their issues not just do nothing. There are so many companies that, literally, refuse to learn social media because it is a new challenge for their businesses. This is a rather self-destructing group as the most people establish small and easily achievable goals which is one of the reasons why people quit on their goals because it does not give the rewards they would like to get. It is not exciting enough whenever people start feeling a little resistance and they become more pressured to give up.

The third form of action is “Average action” or a common behaviour.  This is where the majority of the population is. They just take enough action to reach their average. This approach is commonly accepted and encouraged by society since most people are doing it and, as a result, it becomes a social norm.

The last type of action is “Huge action”. This is happening when you take an insane amount of action and where you apply the 10x rule. Simply saying, you make 10 times the effort than any other average person, however, since this degree of action is not the social norm many people will find it odd.

Cardone says that the worst type of action is the third one as when you are putting in dedicating a lot of time and effort into your projects, there are chances that people from the third group will try to discourage you.

On the other hand, the book presents the thing which I don’t agree with. It is blaming yourself for everything. Take responsibility not even for the things you are able to control because this is the default way, but take responsibility and ownership for the factors you can’t control entirely. I’d say that there are always things out of our control, however, if we really want to achieve something we should look for relationships, variables, stakeholders which might have some influence on the outcome. Some people might think that having any control over these variables is too hard to acquire, so they take it as a perfect excuse, then they give up too early and that’s might be a mistake. Thus, blaming myself for everything is just too heavy. I’m a fan of the Pareto principle (80/20).

In conclusion, I think that this is a really good book, a really good concept, nevertheless, it won’t work for everybody. Some people will say it’s too aggressive or life is more complicated than making ten times more and so on. The book presents the right mental attitude about working hard. I really like this one because I feel like this is a very accurate portrayal of what it really takes to be successful. There are no shortcuts, no cutting corners.

When you are accomplishable and knock something out of the park and you don’t need a vacation in order to keep on going and hitting it harder, this is the success. It might be good reading for those of you that are concerned with friends and family tearing you down and not supporting your dreams and your goals and those telling you that you are trying too hard or going to burn out.

The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure
by Grant Cardone

Final rating:

Interesting story
Complexity of ideas
Flourish language

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Size: 240 pages
Published: 2011


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